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About MOGmartin:

This site, SEOforums.org is maintained by myself, Martin Macdonald (aka. MOGmartin).

I am a search engine and social media marketer based in Central London, and while I have been working full time in this industry for over five years, my career online stems back to the mid nineties.

Currently I hold the position of head of SEO for OMD, an Omnicom company and one of the worlds largest media agencies.  In my position I am responsible for the SEO strategy for some of the worlds largest brands.

Before moving to OMD I held the position of head of search & social for Seatwave, responsible for organic and paid search in 10 countries covering six languages for the largest ticket platform in Europe.

My presentation at the SEOmoz PRO Conference

Prior to working at Seatwave I was CEO of MOGmedia Ltd, specialising in organic search optimization for the online gambling industries, and during my two years working full time as a consultant and on my own projects in gaming I successfully managed to attract tens of thousands of Real Money Players through organic and social channels.

My first online job was in 1996 when I was responsible for technical support at Mercury Internet, one of Spain’s first internet Service providers.  In the interim my career took me into offline marketing, handling national product launches for big brand pharmaceuticals in Spain.

About This Site:

seo forumsseoforums.org is a non-profit seo forum, seo blog and seo tools site.  When I was first starting out in online promotion in the late 90′s there were only a few sites that had decent information and help and assistance.  I am forever grateful to these sites as they provided me with the bedrock of my understanding of search marketing and without them I never would have developed the career that I have been lucky enough to lead.

Over recent years however, the trend has been for all the leading sites to move to a paid subscription model, which is their business plan and I have no problem with it, in fact I am a paid member at most SEO related sites, but still – that leaves the beginner/intermediate/non-professional optimizers with a tough choice, either not have the right tools and good advice, or pay $150+ per month for it.

One of the few remaining free sites, iwebtool.com has become a forum chock-full of spam and most of the tools dont work, and havent for years without being updated. Of the other free sites that remain, Digital Point is too full of beginners and post boosters to be of any real value and most others are too generalised to offer specific search marketing advice.

Well, this site is my payback to the industry that I love – All the tools and advice dispensed on this site and blog are free, and will remain free.

If you Wish to Get in Touch With Me, Or Discuss Anything relating to This Site, Please Send me a PM to user “MOGmartin” in the Forum Area