The 5 Best FREE SEO Tools

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Search Engine Optimization is all about getting things “just right” – but establishing what that is, and optimizing your site accordingly is 95% of the battle.

SEO Tools are the single most important weapon in any optimizer’s arsenal, but people just dont know about the right ones.  I have therefore compiled a list of the 10 most important tools, plugins and sites that I use on a day to day basis in my work as a full time SEO.

1) SEOquake for Firefox:
I cant recommend this one enough, it ads a toolbar into firefox which lets you know all of the important KPI’s for the page/site that you are looking at. Mine is setup as per the graphic below and has all of the information that I rely on to make snap decisions about any given webpage.

Its free to install from firefox, get it right now if you dont already have this uberusefull plugin installed!

2) The Web Developers Toolbar

So its not strictly an SEO tool, its general webdev, but as search engine optimization is a technical marketing discipline, unless you know the technical side of things you are only fighting a battle with half the information.  You can use this tool to disable the CSS and JS on a page instantly, and get a psuedo spider feel for a page, or resize your browser window to any resolution to see if links appear below the fold on certain configurations and much more.  Check it out!

3) seoMoz’s “Open Site Explorer”
A great compilation of metrics from seoMoz’s API, that enable you to run quick on the fly comparisons of two webpages, to discover why one may outrank the other.  Ive come to depend more and more on seoMoz tools (thats your master plan, right Rand?) and this is a great one.

You can compare a number of page specific, and domain dependant stats to compare anything you would want to, and crucially you can output the findings to excel to create some really funky graphs that are handy for both visualtization in general, or presenting to boss’es, customers, and general presentations.

Check it out!

4) Majestic SEO’s Link Data:

another fantastic resource of competitive link stats. The index is not updated quite as regularly as I would like, and there is a lot of historic stuff in it that probably shouldnt be in there anymore – but if there is a better way of comparing link acquistions over time then Im not aware of it.

You do have to pay a nominal fee for some data on competitors, but its totally free to use on your own site.  Try it out on your best websites, and then you can work out it its worth paying for the competitive reports.  I myself keep reports on all my main competitors in this site, and use them to find out where they are starting to build links so that I can keep on top of the competition.

5) Our FREE SEO Tools

I guess this list just wouldnt be complete without a bit of self promotion, but the SEO tools that we offer here are not only free, but very useful.  We have over 50 tools that are free for all our forum members to use, and cover practically every aspect of SEO.  If you havent used them yet, hop over and take a look!

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