Best SEO Site Structure After Nofollow

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It was a full six months ago now that Google’s Matt Cutts dropped the proverbial bombshell at SMX – that nofollowing pages (internally at least) no longer affected how pagerank flowed around your site.  Incase you missed it, he essentially said that all links on your page to other pages on your website shared an even amount of pagerank, although the ones that remained with nofollows would just “lose” the pagerank that would otherwise have been assigned to them.

So, what did this produce? A lot of websites, probably those with a lack of SEO knowledge simply removed the nofollows from their websites – and this produced, well, not a lot of affect – apart from a slight drop in search rankings for a few pages here and their.

What the sensible seo/webmaster did was removed as many links as possible from their homepages, and other high pagerank pages on their websites.  For example – the site that I work in as my day job had around 100 links including the ones that were nofollowed on the homepage.  Around 25 of those 100 were nofollowed – leaving 75 that were passing linkjuice,  after the announcement we took a razor to the site and cut away every bit of fat that we possibly could, for instance instead of having links to “my account”, “frequently asked questions”, “help”, “about us” and a load of other corporate type pages, we made a “corporate site navigation” homepage, and linked to that from the websites homepage.

Another valid method (in my view) that we employed was to place heirarchal links in a Javascript drop down, rendering them invisible to Google.  The net result is that our inner pages that were linked from the homepage all received much more pagerank from our powerfull homepage, and all gained in SERPs as a by product of our work.

So – in this post nofollow era of SEO, you should just remove as many links as you think you possibly can. Once youve done that try and group the remaining links that you have left into silos around their subject matter, and make a navigation page for them and link to that one page from the homepage.

Eventually you will end up with just the links on your homepage to those that you actually care about from an SEO point of view and your site structure will be all the better for it!