WordPress Price Comparison Plugin

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most of my regular forum members will know that I have been pretty scarce round here since mid February, when we started working full time on our pretty revolutionary wordpress price comparison plugin.

Im glad to let everyone know that its finally in a release stage, (currently on v1.02) and available to download from my other site, wppricecomparison.com

As a long time SEO, you may be wondering why I ever got involved with the building of a complex script aimed at the affiliate marketing sector:  well, some years ago I started building out dozens (even hundreds) of micro-sites targetting individual keywords and funneling traffic back into my main sites, and employers sites for that matter.

As part of the increased focus on this as a traffic driving measure, I started building out landing sites with exact match domain names for use with google adwords.  For example, if I were targetting the search term: “Robbie Williams Tickets” I would register the domain http://robbiewilliamstickets.net and both SEO and send PPC to that domain.

This was an extremely successful strategy for a few years, until one day I got a phone call from a buddy at google adwords, letting me know that they could no longer  allow the sending of paid traffic to these “thin” affiliate sites.  Google’s recommendation to me was to update the site to add value to the consumer, for instance by creating a price comparison – hence the reason I started work on the price comparison script that has ended up as the product that is now commercially available!

Anyway – now that the product is (finally) released to the general public I can at last take a step backwards from the full time dev and start posting further articles right here on my blog, and taking part in the worlds best SEO forum (this site ;-) )