Special Announcement: Get MY Job

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Work for SeatwaveA special announcement:

As many of you will know for the past three years I’ve been Search Marketing Manager & Senior Manager for Online Marketing (mouthful that one) for Seatwave.com and its 10 European sites.

During the past three years I have had a fantastic time, working with a great team here in central London and have been lucky enough to both work on a well funded & fast growing, award winning startup, developing into a big brand internationally, with some top notch partnerships.

The time has come however to move on, and I will be starting a new position at a different company early next month. That means however, that MY JOB at seatwave is up for grabs!

The job description is available by clicking here, and I can not recommend working for seatwave enough, its a great, talented group of people - working in a fun and interesting industry that presents a unique set of challenges to any SEO/PPC specialist.

Seatwave Advert

So if you are UK or Europe based but could work in London, you know your SEO and PPC (and social for that matter), take a look at the job description now and apply if its your kind of thing. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!


Reading SEOmoz – saw photo of me!

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I had a really weird moment today – I have a list of about 10 blogs that I read every single day without fail.

While reading through them I happened across this post by Joanna Lord over at our friends SEOmoz, only to find a great big photo of me in it!

Here is the post: http://www.seomoz.org/blog/10-ways-to-get-more-seo-clients and its about how to attract more SEO clients.

I love the fact that my presentation was referred to as “excellent”, only down side is that as an in-house SEO Im afraid to say it didnt attract any clients, as I dont look for (or need) any :(

Still, its great to have a bit of recognition, and I nearly spat my coffee out when I saw it!

Google’s Interactive Buckyball Logo

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On September 4th, google’s doodle is a buckyball.  You may be wondering exactly what a buckyball is, I certainly did – its apparantly a molecule that consists purely of carbon atoms.

Why is this interesting from an SEO perspective?  Well, its the second time google have employed some pretty nifty html5 on their homepage.  The last example was the rather fantastic interactive pacman game a few months back that was frankly, fantastic.

The google buckyball logo looks like this (if you’re looking at this on a day other than September 4th):


If you hover your mouse over it, you can “throw” the rotation with mouse sweeps.  Presumably this feels better on an iPad, but as I dont have one (yet) I cant comment to such.

The most Important seomoz Q&A Ever

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Im a long time fan of the SEOmoz Q&A Section, its a great resource for pro-members, and our very own SEO Questions and Answers forum was originally devised pretty much as a straight copy of that part of SEOmoz (sorry Rand).  That reminds me, I must get down to rebuilding that section in a more “answers” type format.. anyway I digress…

I happened across this little Gem earlier today:

Which is the single BEST USE of a pro question credit that I have seen thus far.

To Fugly, I salute you in your quest for the most relevant and important SEO knowledge, that will make a difference to everyone’s careers, and being the one to put yourself forward for the good of the SEO community at large.

Hear me Speak at SEOmoz Pro Seminar in London!

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Hi Folks,

Just like to share some exciting news for you, Ive been asked to present in the upcoming “SEO Event of the Year”, the SEOmoz / Distilled SEO Pro Training Seminar in London, this October.

My presentation will be centered on Search Engine Optimization in competitive industries, going into detail on a few specific niche’s and featuring lots of tips, tricks, and exclusive “behind the scene’s” data from my extensive testing on the new MayDay algorithm for eCommerce sites.

If you haven’t been to an SEO conference before, this is without doubt the best I’ve been to (and I’ve been to most of them in the last 5 years). The speakers are at an un-paralleled level (I would say that now though ;-) and the topics that are covered are relevant to almost everyone, from every level from beginner to guru alike.  Each of the presentations are packed with actionable advice to get you ahead of the competition, and if you can only go to one conference this year, make sure its the SEOmoz / Distilled Pro Training series!

So if you are interested in going to the best SEO event of the year, make sure you sign up early, as last year sold out weeks before the event itself.  Pricing is very reasonable compared to other events, and from experience, just one of the hundreds of tips you get at conference’s like this will return you 100% of your investment.

Look forward to seeing as many members of SEOforums.org as possible at this years event!


Meet me at SMX Advanced London!

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In a few weeks the best search marketing conference this side of the Atlantic (the European side) is taking place, in the heart of London.

As its just a 5-10 minute journey from my office, Im going to both days, and the post conference drinks layed on by seoLondon.  During the event I will try and do some liveblogging (lets see how that works out, its not something ive done before – I may just stick our twitter feed on the homepage and keep that updated on my cellphone), but I will also try and get some interviews with some of the biggest names in search marketing worldwide.

If you have any Search Marketing Professionals you would like to see interviewed, let me know in the comments section, also – Id be really interested in a list of questions for them that you would love to hear answered!

IF you are going to SMX London, let me know and we can meet up!


What makes a Great SEO Forum?

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I was reading a very interesting post over at cre8asite yesterday – where the owner was bemoaning the fact that their forums are just not what they used to be, traffic, posts, registrations, interactions etc. are all down, and she was asking the question whether its really worth carrying on in today’s world of twitter and facebook et al.

The thread I must say dismayed me – I for one do not beleive that forums are a “dead industry” if they were I never would have started this site last year.  I love forums – because they are what got me started when I was new to SEO asking questions on forums was what gave me the initial knowledge that I now depend on for my living.  Back then cre8asite was a great resource, with tonnes of good information and the key was that it was an ACTIVE forum, which is now sadly declining.

It got me thinking (and not for the first tim): what makes a great SEO forum?

Well – to me it depends on a lot of stuff

1) a compelling user experience:
the forum itself has to be well designed, simple and intuitive to use, and packed with features and functions that get people to come back

2) a community that cares:
any forum is made of its members – a forum with no good members is useless – it may as well be one of the billion or so rubbish seo blogs around

3) great SEO:
a forum about SEO (or indeed, in the wider respect any forum) will not thrive, or even survive unless is has the basics of search engine optimization covered, from a good site structure including relevant URL’s, on site architecture etc.

4) Give something back:
in the case of SEO forums, that generally means allowing users to link back to their own sites, the traffic here improved dramatically when I removed the nofollow’s off external links

5) Provide great tools as well as information:
another great traffic retention tool that we use is our seo tools section – the traffic that this section alone gets is now considerable with over 20,000 unique users per month.

In my opinion at least, cre8asite has been left behind in the last few years by “better” forums (hopefully such as this one) that tick more boxes in the 5 sections I list above.  The market has NOT shifted to twitter and facebook, as these platforms do not inherently lend themselves to public discussions. They are social networking sites, NOT forums.

If you have any feedback as to what you think a great SEO forum needs, please let me know in the comments section or at the forum – Im happy to include anything in our site that we are not already doing, and if you are an active SEO community member, please check out other great sites including Kim’s cre8asite, great resources should not be allowed to fade and die.

SEO is Marketing, Duh!

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One thing that never ceases to amaze me, is the disparity that some people seem to have between the concepts of SEO and Marketing.  Its time for us collectively as an industry to wake up, smell the coffee and realise that we are all infact, MARKETERS.  True, we may be a sub section, a splinter group if you like (and in the black hats case a militant splinter cell!), but we are all fundamentally involved in MARKETING pure and simple!

In a conversation with Will at Distilled a few months back he mentioned that as SEOs we are in a technical marketing discipline, which is a great description, but it only serves (for the purpose of this post at least) to further prove my point that we are involved in Marketing.

Now at the risk that this post is starting to sound like one heck of a rant, let me explain. Every day here at the forums I get people asking why they dont get as much traffic as they think they should, and why they arent making as much (if any) money from their online efforts.  Well, the problem 99% of the time comes down to a lack of marketing expertise.  You might be able to rank #1 for the search term “poker” (and if you can, well done, you are a certifiable genius) but if you dont market your SITE well then its not going to serve you any good.

So, lets collectively as an industry, whether you are building your own sites out, or working for clients, lets start looking at the big picture – you can rank #1 for anything, but it wont mean anything unless you get the rest of the marketing picture of your website/business right.  SEO is just another marketing channel, albeit with certain technical aspects not seen in other area’s, but marketing it is.

Social Media, PR vs Traffic.

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social media marketing in 2010I was asked a few days ago by a research company to give my views on whether social media sites, like facebook and twitter are of use to large corporations as traffic sources, or are they just vehicles for public relations and one to one, or one to many communications.

Its something that I have actually changed my mind on quite a bit over the last quarter of 2009, and to be honest for years Ive been harking on about how social media and search are two different beasts and never the two shall meet, however I have now done a bit of U turn – and I will explain why:

Social media marketing is reaching an interesting point now, lets say its reaching maturity adolescence – there are tools that you can use to measure effectiveness, there are even moves towards opening up advertising API’s for facebook (I attended a great seminar on exactly this subject hosted by TBG London in December), and wherever your can measure, you can refine and improve on your efforts.

And thats the clincher for me, for far too long those “specialists” in social media have harped on about benefits that can be attained but have never made any attempt to accurately measure the impact that their time (and cost) were bringing to the table.  My first goal for 2010 is to build out our social media spending plan for the year, and to actually make things work this year!

So, in answer to the researcher that asked me the question, its a resounding YES – social media sites can and should be used for traffic generation!