Epic Spam Fail from TOPRUNGSEO

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Hands down the best spam email I’ve received in quite a while (courtesy of “top rung seo” aka toprungseo.com), is the screenshot below.

To see why I found this pretty hillarious, just read the text on the site they are offering to SEO: mogmedia.co.uk (which used to be my consultancy homepage until 2007).

Top Rung SEO TopRungSEO

Come on guys! If you are going to blind spam anyone with a .co.uk domain, you might want to filter out other SEO’s first ;)



SMX Advanced London Live Blog

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Over the next two months I’m speaking at 5 search conferences in London and Manchester (UK), as well as Poznan (Poland) and Seattle (USA).

Martin Macdonald SEO ConferenceThis coming Monday the 16th and Tuesday the 17th of May, I will be speaking at SMX Advanced in London.

On day one I will be moderating the “Advanced Link Building, Link Alchemy” panel, in which Patrick Altoft (branded3), Rob Millard (Distilled), Kelving Newman (Site Visibility) & Pete Wailes (Strategy Internet Marketing) will be speaking.

On day two, I’m presenting a session on how to engage with consumers on Twitter as part of the “Beyond Search, Leveraging Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin” alongside Matt Lawson (Marin) and Merry Morud (aimClear).

Both sessions promise to be huge, with great insights on both SEO linkbuilding and social marketing, but I understand that a lot of my blog readers are not based in the United Kingdom or are not able to make the conference itself, which is why:

LIVEBLOG is now live updates appear below automatically!



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If you haven’t used the SEOmoz tools before, you are missing out on the worlds best tools to optimize and analyze your website.

I cant speak highly enough of the resources that SEOmoz provide their PRO customers, and for a limited time only, they have extended an offer to all members here at seoforums.org – a FREE 30 DAY TRIAL!

All you need to do to get the best SEO tools available for free, is sign up through the banner below!

So sign up right now, and take your SEO to the next level!

Online Marketing London – Im speaking

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Another quick announcement, this time a bit closer to home than my upcoming talk in Poland,  I am proud to announce that I’ve been invited to speak at the Online Marketing London Seminar, hosted by our friends over at Quad London.

Online Marketing London Meetup

Last time out there were five excellent speakers, including the likes of Sam Crocker, SEO associate Director at OMD – and by all accounts it was a great night!

So far by eConsultancy and myself have been announced as speakers with more to come no doubt over the following weeks.  If you are in London DO NOT miss this event, its a great seminar and networking opportunity.

You can GET TICKETS HERE (Free!!)

SearchMarketingDay.com – I’m speaking

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Search Marketing Day PolandIf you are an SEO based in Poland, Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia, and Russia, be sure to check out SearchMarketingDay.com in Poznan, Poland on June the 15th and 16th.

This promises to be the biggest search marketing conference in Poland ever, and the speakers list is utterly fantastic – Im really looking forward to hearing some of my favourite SEO’s speak including some of the biggest names in the industry:


Joost de Valk (@yoast)
Mikkel DeMib (if anyone thought I was blackhat at #linklove – just check this guy out)
Tad Chef (of onreact.com and SEoptimise.com fame)
MediaDonis (one of the best known SEO’s over the last decade)
Kaspar Szymański (in google’s search quality team, therefore an anti-seo?)

And, I’ve been lucky enough to be invited as well, where I will be talking more about thinking out of the box SEO and linkbuilding ideas.

Also – got to say, the venue looks phenomenal – great way to spend my first trip to Poland!

Content is King!

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Note from MOGmartin: this guest post was written by Jim Magary of Boomient Consulting, a digital marketing firm focused on SEO, web development, and high-quality web content.

Some great news came down this week from Google, where they announced that they were going to take steps to decrease the amount of “content farm” content in their search results.

For those who don’t know what a content farm is, they are companies who produce up to thousands of pieces of content each day to put on the web.  This content tends to be produced as cheaply as possible, written expressly for the purposes of trying to rank in the search engines for particular keywords, and not produced with the best interests of the site visitor in mind.

We’ve all seen these search results… generic and unhelpful articles on a particular topic, surrounded by ads for products related to our search.  Google has determined that this type of low-quality content is not serving its users either, and they are correct. But the challenge remains how to identify low-quality content versus high-quality content, when neither one can overtly be called Spam.

As someone who works in the SEO field, I spend a lot of time attempting to drive search visitors towards particular content, so I’m sensitive to any industry practices that evaluate content for quality, as I wouldn’t want my content to be unfairly de-indexed by the search engines. However, believing myself to be a decent content writer, who produces and supports well researched, high-quality content on the web, I am in favor of Google doing everything they can do to cut down on crappy content-farm webpages, so their announcement comes as a breath of fresh air.

In the past few years, the Web has gotten to the point where regular users are adding content at an astonishing rate, and Google reports that they have over 1 trillion pages in their index. It’s almost like they’ve done too good of a job indexing the web, because now search results are littered with spam sites and other junk, which may be minimally qualifying in terms of addressing a search query, but don’t come anywhere close to professional writing.

It’s true that what may be spam to one person could be considered a truly satisfying meal to another, but any cursory scan of Web results will reveal content that has obviously been produced purely for SEO purposes, and where reasonable people would agree that it is not worth reading.  Many of these articles are too short, poorly written, and serve only as a driver to the numerous ads that appear on the page.  Coming across this content in the search results does not serve the average Google user, who is usually looking for something authoritative, credible, and professionally produced.

The issue lies with the fact that many of the best content producers simply don’t know enough about SEO, leaving their sites devoid of such common SEO tactics such as putting a keyword in the title tag, or optimizing the first hundred words of body copy to include a key phrase.  They are being outfoxed by marketers who are increasingly savvy about reverse engineering Google’s algorithm to favor their webpages. Google is good at what they do, but they still organize results based on quantitatively measurable factors, which makes it difficult to introduce “quality” as an algorithmic component.

But the news from Matt Cutts & Co. is encouraging. Here are a few things that Google is doing, or will be tackling soon, according to the recent post:

  • Algorithm changes to eliminate “low-quality” sites
  • Redesigned document-level classifier to make it harder for spam content to rank well
  • Improved ability to detect hacked sites
  • Upcoming changes to crack down on “scraping” sites, which simply use content from other sites and don’t offer much else
  • New extension for Chrome allowing users to report spam sites on their own

For the SEO community, the mystery is still how Google will actually identify low-quality sites. Once this becomes more clear, marketers will, of course, react to it, as they do with every algorithmic change they can detect. However, the most likely effect is going to be higher-quality content, which costs more to produce, and that will put many of these shadier marketers out of business.  This bodes well for good sites and ethical SEO consultants looking to promote true, quality content.

The fact that Google’s algorithm is open to reverse engineering of any sort is the whole reason that the SEO industry exists, but the fact that they have not yet isolated the “quality angle” of search results is why bottom-feeders like content farms are able to game the system with relative ease.  If Google ever perfects search, the practice of SEO will gain much-needed credibility, because it will be harder to do, and therefore will be populated with individuals who are both intelligent marketers and authoritative content producers. To me, this sounds much better than the current status quo.

I hope Google cracks this nut soon.  I’m looking forward to a web content industry focused on things like journalism, research, credibility, usefulness, and newsworthiness, not to mention good spelling and grammar. These are the things I like to see when I search the web, and I’m sure I’m not alone.  If content is King, then quality should be Queen.

Jim Magary is the founder of Boomient Consulting, a digital marketing firm focused on SEO, web development, and high-quality web content.

#jaamit is trending in #3 in the UK

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Hi Folks,  this post is purely to keep a record of the following screenshot, a record of #jaamit being the current 3rd TT in London.

well done all my fellow tweeters, @jaamit would have been proud I’m sure.

One Last Photo from SEO PRO (via. Randfish)

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Hey Folks,

just stumbled accross a great picture from the day one afterparty of this years SEO PRO conference in London, hosted by Distilled and SEOmoz.

the SEO PRO Afterparty

From Left to Right: Jane Copland (Ayima), Gianluca Fiorelli (Italia SEO), Me (looking quite, portly), Rand Fishkin (SEOmoz), and Philip Petrescu (Caphyon).

EDIT: I didnt know whom the last person on the right is,  as Rand correctly mentions in his comment below, its none other than Philip Petrescu from Caphyon – makers of my favourite rank tracking software (which I have recommended in a post here on the blog, and mentioned in my talk at SEO PRO as well.)

SEOktoberfest 2010 – Stunning Video

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Hey folks,

if you haven’t been to SEOktoberfest, check this video out from Mike Rubesam – it is absolutely stunning!

It is 20 minutes long, but trust me its worth it! With some of the top SEO’s in the world caught in some “interesting” scene’s, its a fantastic piece of work.

(and Im booking my flights now for SEOktoberfest 2011!)

Think Google Event, November 24th London

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I was lucky enough to attend a fantastic event put on by google this afternoon in London, covering upcoming opportunities and market reviews in the various verticals broadly within Entertainment.

A few notable statistics came about, along with the normal stuff that google normally throw about at such events (most notably, we should all be advertising more on YouTube, got it?).

Anyway – I thought I would just throw up a quick video of Bruce Daisley who was fantastic in both approach and subject matter, unfortunately its only a few minutes long – but there were a few TV camera’s there so I wouldnt be surprised if the whole thing is posted somewhere, soon (and when it is I will link to it from here).

You can see the rest of the presentation here:


Hope you enjoy it!

Unfortunately I had to pass on the post event drinks and nibbles (and games, I’m led to believe by my googler friend @bobmeijer) – but I’m sure the party is just getting started, as Im sat here writing this!