Improve your website’s speed NOW!

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website speedWebsite speed is something that I’ve very much taken to heart recently. Google announced late last year that overall website speed would be a ranking factor this year, so its important that your website measures up, but its not only for organic serps, its also for overall useability of your website, bear in mind that if you provide a good UX, people will like your website, use it, bounce less and are therefore far more likely to link to it.

How to detect if your website is quick? Well, we have a tool that you can use for free, our very own website speed tester - that will give you an idea as to how fast your website is going, and you can also use it to compare the speed of your website to others in the same niche that outrank you, it will give you something to aim for.

So, I want to speed up my website, what now? Its not a complicated process, its mainly about adhering to best practices in the coding of your website, for instance did you know that not specifying the height and width of images on your site slows down the pageload incredibly? Also, removing any blank space and comments from all code elements of your site (html, php, asp, JS etc) decreases the page load time considerably as well.

How do I get recommendations about my site? Its easy, there are a few tools out there, I have been using YSLOW from yahoo for years now, but this weekend I started playing about with the new plugin for firefox by google, and I must say Im very impressed.  If you want to get ahold of it just login to google webmaster tools, go to your website then choose “labs” and “site performance”.  At the footer of the page there is a great tool that analyzes your pageload time, and gives you custom recommendations on how to speed up your site.

Give it a whirl, every site could do with some optimization in this way, and your time will be rewarded with better serps (allegedly!) and a much better user experience for your surfers!