And another one bites the dust… (cuil huh?)

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Its taken just over two years, one botched launch, $33,000,000 (thats right Thirty Three Million Dollars) in funding, and what do the investors have to show for it?

A dead site, its currently 404′ing and we are lead to beleive that the servers have been shut off for good.  The concept was great, a new search engine built by some of the top people at google with the specific aim of being the fastest search product available.  Guess what, the rich results didnt prove to be intuitive enough, the quality of the index was always questionable and there was little in the way of actual innovation.

Sure, google doesnt do pretty in the same way as Cuil did, but then a few greasemonkey scripts made it look kinda similar, if that was what you wanted.  It appears that nobody did want it though and now Cuil has gone for good.

My thinking is that the investors have finally pulled the plug, after the google caffeine and instant search launches.  Google have finally nailed the coffin shut on the fledgling competitor, by rolling out exactly what they themselves set out to do, only using googles infinitly more mature index and ranking algorythm.

Another quite frankly, sad statistic is the amount of traffic the site was getting especially when you bear in mind that funding again… Check out their alexa graph compared to our site, and bear in mind that we havent had a penny of startup funds (and for that matter, probably have more solid revenue streams that cuil ever had).

So, Yahoo last month bowed out of organic search, now its Cuil (to be fair its not like you could ever have compared what yahoo were with what Cuil managed to achieve, but still..). Google’s only realistic competitors arent really involved in natural search,  and they are facebook and twitter – neither of which have managed to produce that killer revenue stream that google have in adwords.

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