Five Pro Tips For Successful Outreach

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Successful Outreach is something that can be of tremendous value to your site or blog and be so for a great length of time. But it’s not something that comes easy. After all, everyone is Outreaching. And in the end, success comes down to who can Outreach more effectively and more efficiently.

Outreach can be hard work and often it can appear that you’re not making much ground. But the reality is, so long as you’re implementing effective Outreach, the results and rewards will come. And the good news is, each successful Outreach campaign builds upon the next. The more sites and blogs you reach, the further your reach becomes.

But what is effective Outreach?

In this article I will deliver Five tips to keep in mind when engaging in Outreach that will help make your efforts that much more effective and efficient.

Be Patient – Possibly the number one thing to remember. Yes, you would like to contact a site or blog and ask for a link or mention and have them give it to you immediately. But the fact is, it’s not going to happen. Remember, you’re wanting to build a relationship, one that will benefit both you and the target of your Outreach, not just today but for years to come. Building a genuine relationship takes time but the rewards are worth it. So don’t become frustrated and don’t become pushy. Let the relationship develop and let it reward you as it grows.

Be Sincere – Don’t just spam accounts with form emails or make glib mentions of articles on Twitter or forums. Read their work and offer genuine comments. Make a contribution and offer them an insight or present a question that will encourage them to open in a dialogue with you. You don’t just want to be noticed. You want them to notice you as the person behind your site or blog, someone they will want to build a relationship with. In other words, be genuine and be yourself.

Be Generous – Don’t be stingy. Promote the work of the blogs or sites you want to reach out to. It’s an easy, genuine and effective way of getting their attention. You’d be surprised how many will respond to you and it’s an great way of starting a dialogue. It’s a public display of approval of their work. And who doesn’t like a compliment? Also don’t be afraid to promote the work of rival blogs. Have faith in the quality of your work. The blog might be a rival, but if you feel your work is superior to theirs, then any link or mention exchange is going to be of greater value to you than them in the long run.

Be Consistent – Invest a set amount of time every day to do Outreach. Even if it’s only an hour Don’t just pile a lot of work into a week or few days and then leave it for a week or so. That’s not an efficient Outreach strategy. You need to be consistent and engage with those you are reaching out to regularly. That doesn’t mean interacting with them every day, but you do need to do Outreach every day, building on existing relationships or seeking out new ones. Not only is it the most effective way of maintaining and developing these burgeoning relationships, but by applying yourself to the task each day, you’ll find you learn more about what works for you and what doesn’t. In effect, you become better at Outreach.

Be Realistic – Yes, you would love to get a mention or a link from a high powered Twitter account or blog. And if you have quality content, it’s something that you should definitely aspire to. But no matter how good your work is, a high power account isn’t going to take any notice of you until you’ve built up your profile. So aim for those Twitter accounts or blogs with a similar reach as yourself. If you have 300 followers on Twitter, engage with accounts with between 200 and 1,000 followers and as you engage with these accounts, you’ll soon see your followers rising. Surf the crowd and soon enough you’ll have enough followers to get yourself noticed by the bigger accounts.

This is a guest post by Andrew Brocker, blogger at

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