Win Free Stuff (including Free Adwords Money!)

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Hi Everyone,

The kind folks over at google have given us a few goodie bags to give away,  each one contains the following:

1 x Google Sportsbag (one in green, the other is red)
1 x GBP £50 Adwords Voucher (thats around US $80)
1 x Google Android USB Memory Stick Keyring
1 x Google Android Notepad
1 x Google Android T-Shirt (Unisex, Medium, dont ask for another size, thats all I got)

How can you get your hands on these goodies?  Easy!

We have implemented today a new feature on the forums, called Activity Awards.

The person who earns the most points between Monday October 4th and Sunday 17th will win one of those goodie bags with the Free Adwords Credit and all the rest of the goodies.  I will personally send them to the winner, anywhere in the world, totally free of charge!

So, get earning your points now and you could get this google goodie bag and be the envy of all your friends!

Hints and Tips on How to Earn Activity Awards, Quickly!

Activity Awards come in all shapes and sizes, but the following list are some of the easiest ways to get points fast!

1) Start new Threads – but they have to be quality ones!  When starting a new thread it needs to be content rich, not just a one line question.  The more discussion it generates, the more members view it, the more points you get!

2) Fill in ALL your profile details – easy to do, yet very few people have done it

3) Start (or join) a Social Group – one of the least used parts of any forum, social groups allow you to have private discussion area’s for people within your group.  You could start one for SEO’s in New York, or PHP Programmers that love search marketing, whatever really.  Just make sure to stay active!  You get points for everyone that joins your group, so make it popular!

4) Recruit new Members to – Get the word out there and attract new members to, its simple, all you need to do is get people to sign up using either a link (like this for instance: ?referrerid=MOGmartin just replace my name, with your username) OR get the people to fill in your username in the referral box when signing up.  Be aware though, when people sign up, they need to become active members for you to get your credits!

To See a Complete list of things you can earn points for, click here.

(IMPORTANT NOTICE ABOUT SPAM: if you try and game the system to earn points unfairly, you will get an infraction.  When you receive an infraction you lost sooo many points, your not going to win… so dont bother trying just play nice people!)