Free SEO Tools

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seo toolsIts taken about a month longer than I originally anticipated but our SEO Tools section has finally come out of BETA (in as much that I trust them all now to work perfectly for our users).

You can access them by clicking on the link in the header of this site, and there should be something for everyone in there, some of the more useful tools to everyone include a backlink checker, to analyze the links that you have on your website/webpage, an SEO link search to help you out in your quest to get those elusive SEO links, and some really good on page link analysis and on page keyword density analyzer.

All of the tools should now be working perfectly, please report any faults that you come across in our forums, or by submitting a comment right here on the blog.

As time goes by I will be adding more tools, that harness other people’s API’s and ways of displaying the data that should be helpful to everyone that has to produce SEO reports and so on.

If you have a specific request for a tool please let me know as well, and I will work out if its feasible!