Fuzzy SEO for vBulletin

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I have developed an advanced SEO plugin for vBulletin that increases the long tail traffic to any vBulletin based board automatically.

The concept is fairly straightforward:

Every website gets long tail search traffic, generally from search phrases that do not exist on page, for instance, if a webpage were about “blue widgets” you might appear in the search results for a search like “buy blue widgets in san francisco“. What this plugin does is in realtime detects the query string that people are clicking through to your website from any search engine, and includes it on the page in the style of a tag cloud, exactly as it was searched for.

organic search traffic increase graph

daily organic search traffic to this website

The next time google spiders that specific webpage, it will see that there is an exact match for the keyphrase that is being searched for in google, and you will then increase your ranking for that term.

vBulletin is the perfect vehicle for this kind of optimisation, as any forum generates already a pretty high (dis-proportionately) percentage of long tail queries, thanks to the hugely diverse amount of content on the showthread pages.

This plugin therefore can do a great job of increasing the long tail search to your whole website, not just the main category pages like the forumhome or display forum, instead, this plugin magnifies the search traffic going to every page that its active on!

Using the Plugin:

After installation you can select how many keywords you want to display as a maximum on any page, and you can configure filters or “bad words” that you dont want to appear in the tag cloud of your site.

fuzzy seo for vbulletin

how the tag clouds look on the forum home page

The keywords appear in the tag cloud by default sorted by the most amount of traffic received first, and also have a higher <h> tag based on their popularity percentage, so keywords that drive high amounts of traffic will be an h1, while lesser keywords might be an h4, or just plain text.

Gold Version (Brand Free):

The GOLD version of this plugin is available from our plugin store and comes with lifetime free updates and optional professional installation for your vBulletin board!

Please browser round our seo forum to see this plugin in action, and if you have any questions, or need support then please post in our fuzzy seo booster for vbulletin support forum.