Good SEO Reading

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One of the main skills for every budding SEO, is continual learning and evolution of ones idea’s, skill levels and understandings of ALL things related to the internet, from technology (php/asp/java/flash etc), to server administration (apache/IIS/htaccess/url_rewriting etc), marketing (online and offline), keyword research, tracking and so much more.

I read several dozen blogs and websites every day to garner as much information as I possibly can – and below I have compiled a list of the most valuable ones:

seoMoz – a great resource for its Blog, YouMoz section, and Pro Tools – yes they are a bit pricey for a lot of SEO’s but they are worth it – Aaron Wall’s website, and private forums – he regularly voices his opinions on all things search, and most of his advice is solid, although I have disagreen with him on a few occasions, and had a well publicized run in with him over on seoMoz over his marketing techniques on one occasion

SearchEngineLand – a great resource for up to the minute news relating to all the search engines, not a blog as such, more of a news source – but interesting and useful in equal measure

Matt Cutts – the head of google’s “web-spam” team – always a good SEO read, when he (infrequently) posts.  A great source of up and coming google info.

BlogStorm – Patrick Altoft of Branded3′s SEO blog, a well known UK search engine optimizer, again, great quality if only occasional posts these days.

Distilled Blog – Distilled are a London based SEO company, and Will Critchlow is one of the best analytical minds in SEO in the UK.  His stuff on analytics should be compulsory reading for all SEO’s

SEOptimise Blog – Good reading across the whole range of SEO/PPC and webmarketing related sphere of interest.