All SEO’s are Grey Hat

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so you practice SEO (or at least I guess you do, otherwise what are you doing here? looking a pictures of nice grey hats? maybe…), one of the first things that a lot of SEO’s do is decide on a moral/ethical level how much they want to get traffic, and that tends to define us as either “white” or “black” hat practitioners of Search.

My argument here is that 99.5% of SEO’s are in effect grey hat, and the remaining 0.05% are indeed black hatters – my reasons for saying this:

1) true white hat SEO would actually involve little to no seo at all

2) every strategy we employ as optimizers in some way, no matter how small, is designed to make google rank you better, and thats important – “BETTER” than they already think you should be ranking.

3) optimizing content, building links, getting content out there, infact EVERYTHING – apart from optimization that could legitimately could be called UX work, is in effect GREY hat.

So, lets stop worrying about whether a strategy is white/grey etc. Lets just build our optimization campaigns around justifiable risk/reward strategies to boost your traffic!