Is Aaron Wall Jealous?

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In any small community there are always those that put themselves forward as the spokespeople, or demi-celebrities if you will and SEO is not immune to this behaviour.  There have been well known people since day one, such as Michael Gray, Chris Sherman et al. And these figureheads have been there invariably on merit.

In more recent times Rand Fishkin (seoMoz) has achieved this celebrity status, and Aaron Wall has been following behind, although not far.  Personally I generally enjoy his posts, and appreciate his point of view on matters although I sometimes disagree with his methods, however over the last week, he has been mounting a one man war against Jason Calacanis of Mahalo (and Netscape) (and weblogs) (etc.).

Four of his last five posts have all been bashing the uber succesefull Calacanis over his site Mahalo – which aggregates other peoples content, arguably passing it off as its own, and profiting from Adsense (probably to a massive extent as well).  Now while I actually totally agree with Aaron on this point, it is an absolute ‘p1ss take’ – what do we NOT know about Aaron’s reasoning for singling him out in this prolonged attack?

Surely a content aggregator, irrespective of its success or size, is NOT WORTHY of a week’s worth of blog posts!

So Aaron – c’mon, snap out of it.  Write some decent posts.  We know you can!