SPAM and SCAM site list

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As Im sure you are all aware, over the last three months we have had many changes and tightening up in our rules to prevent spam.

Still some of it gets through.  It annoys me, Im sure it annoys you – its not pretty to look at, and from now on we are going to take an extra tact.

Lets NAME and SHAME the websites that are spamming the forum.

From now on, I will post right here the website name and address (without a link ofcourse!) for any spammers that target our site.  That way this page will appear when people search for their domain names.

If you have found this site because of one of the sites mentioned below, we recommend you do NOT use their services.  If they spam forums, you can be guaranteed that their service is rubbish.

DOMAIN or COMPANY NAME | Type of Spam  | PM Spam, Probable SEO Scam Company  | PM Spam Scam Site

as more spammers annoy me, this list will grow.