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Be the Network Posted on by in Linkbuilding

The topics in this post may be considered black hat by the more sensitive amongst the SEO community. Its probably regarded as at least grey hat by most of you. I’m not condoning the use of it as a strategy, Im just saying that you “could” do it for entertainment/experimenting purposes only ofcourse. Harness the […]

Seatwave Advert Posted on by in General Chat

A special announcement: As many of you will know for the past three years I’ve been Search Marketing Manager & Senior Manager for Online Marketing (mouthful that one) for and its 10 European sites. During the past three years I have had a fantastic time, working with a great team here in central London […]

blackhat is risk management Posted on by in Organic SEO

This post was inspired by Kris Roadruck’s post yesterday, titled “Whitehat SEO is a Joke” Background: Kris and I both spoke at the recent Distilled Linkbuilding conference’s and shared the same topic “Lessons from the Darkside” – while I filled the slot in London, Kris filled the same slot in New Orleans.  Kris is a […]

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Hi folks, Since we had our last big spam crackdown in October last year most of you have been responsible forum members, and there’s been a lot of good discussion going on here, something that Im very proud of. The whole point in this forum is to foster conversation about SEO and online marketing at […]

Online Marketing London Meetup Posted on by in SEO Industry

Another quick announcement, this time a bit closer to home than my upcoming talk in Poland,  I am proud to announce that I’ve been invited to speak at the Online Marketing London Seminar, hosted by our friends over at Quad London. Last time out there were five excellent speakers, including the likes of Sam Crocker, […]

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If you are an SEO based in Poland, Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia, and Russia, be sure to check out in Poznan, Poland on June the 15th and 16th. This promises to be the biggest search marketing conference in Poland ever, and the speakers list is utterly fantastic – Im really looking […]

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So it seems that my slide deck (and that of Russ Jones @virante) caused a bit of a stir in some circles. Firstly – my slide deck was evenly balanced, it starts off with why you shouldn’t do black hat, but in the past some very well known companies have, to go on to build […]

reading festival duplicate content Posted on by in Organic SEO

Today is a big day in the UK ticketing space.  Its the day that Reading and Leeds festival’s go on sale. This normally prompts a huge storm of competitive PPC, Social and SEO optimization by all the big ticketing sites, as there are literally hundreds of thousands of searches for the term “reading festival” and […]

SEO Martin Macdonald Posted on by in Linkbuilding

SPOILER ALERT – IF YOU ARE GOING TO SEE THE EVENT IN NEW ORLEANS THIS FRIDAY, KRIS ROADRUCK WILL BE DOING HIS OWN PRESENTATION WITH THE SAME TITLE – LESSONS FROM THE DARKSIDE (by the way, we didnt compare notes so his presentation should be 100% different anyway) Friday 18th of March saw the first […]

Sebastian Aroca Posted on by in Guest Posts, Organic SEO

If you are looking for niche markets that are largely untapped, look no further than the U.S. Hispanic and Latin American markets. To be able to dominate in these markets, being well-versed in search engine optimization, or SEO, especially if trying to capture the attention of Hispanics. The Latin American and U.S. Hispanic markets have […]

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