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Hi Folks,  this post is purely to keep a record of the following screenshot, a record of #jaamit being the current 3rd TT in London. well done all my fellow tweeters, @jaamit would have been proud I’m sure.

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I had a really weird moment today – I have a list of about 10 blogs that I read every single day without fail. While reading through them I happened across this post by Joanna Lord over at our friends SEOmoz, only to find a great big photo of me in it! Here is the […]

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Hey Folks, just stumbled accross a great picture from the day one afterparty of this years SEO PRO conference in London, hosted by Distilled and SEOmoz. From Left to Right: Jane Copland (Ayima), Gianluca Fiorelli (Italia SEO), Me (looking quite, portly), Rand Fishkin (SEOmoz), and Philip Petrescu (Caphyon). EDIT: I didnt know whom the last […]

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Hey folks, if you haven’t been to SEOktoberfest, check this video out from Mike Rubesam – it is absolutely stunning! It is 20 minutes long, but trust me its worth it! With some of the top SEO’s in the world caught in some “interesting” scene’s, its a fantastic piece of work. (and Im booking my […]

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I was lucky enough to attend a fantastic event put on by google this afternoon in London, covering upcoming opportunities and market reviews in the various verticals broadly within Entertainment. A few notable statistics came about, along with the normal stuff that google normally throw about at such events (most notably, we should all be […]

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this is another pubsubhubbub compliance test post. Im hoping that this works the same as the one on the forum… comment on this only if you are a spammer.

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Hi Folks, The great peeps over at foliovision have posted some photo’s from the London SEOmoz/Distilled PRO SEO conference, here are a few but you can see the rest over at their site! (by the way, if you havent seen my presentation on the MayDay update, you can watch it here) I will post more […]

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Hi Folks, the London SEO PRO seminar organised by our friends over at Distilled and SEOmoz was a fantastic success, all of the presentations were packed with helpful insights into both search, and the marketing industry as a whole. Particular thanks have to go out to Russell Smith from the BBC who made a great […]

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Hi Folks, we are here this morning at the proSEO event by Distilled and seoMOZ in the heart of London.  Througout the next two days we will be bringing you some live blogging, hints and tips from the event and more! (check out twitter stream for photos from the event and parties, ) My […]

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Hi Folks, Today see’s the release of my new vBulletin plugin, the first PubSubHubBub Client for the popular vBulletin forum platform. You might be wondering what exactly PubSubHubBub (sometimes shortened to just PuSH) is… Right now its a pretty hot topic in the SEO world, and I am featuring the technology in my upcoming speach […]