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Hi Folks, running this site is becoming pretty expensive these days.  The hosting costs alone of a top 8000 alexa site are around $6k to $8k a year, and eventually I have just had to say, “enough is enough”. We will be implementing advertising on the site to try and recoup as much of the […]

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Hi Everyone, The kind folks over at google have given us a few goodie bags to give away,  each one contains the following: 1 x Google Sportsbag (one in green, the other is red) 1 x GBP £50 Adwords Voucher (thats around US $80) 1 x Google Android USB Memory Stick Keyring 1 x Google […]

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As Im sure you are all aware, over the last three months we have had many changes and tightening up in our rules to prevent spam. Still some of it gets through.  It annoys me, Im sure it annoys you – its not pretty to look at, and from now on we are going to […]

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I stumbled across a really interesting thread over at this evening, where members are discussing ways to get ‘their‘ forum to outrank this site for the search term “SEO Forum“. Nothing majorly surprising there I guess, they were #1 for that search term for over a year, whereas we have been number one for […]

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Its taken just over two years, one botched launch, $33,000,000 (thats right Thirty Three Million Dollars) in funding, and what do the investors have to show for it? A dead site, its currently 404′ing and we are lead to beleive that the servers have been shut off for good.  The concept was great, a new […]

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Im cross posting a rather awesome video from our good friends over at seomoz today.  The video is probably more aimed at in-house seo’s working for large companies, but the advice is pretty solid no matter what level you or your site is at. The overall message is this: “Work out what gives you the […]

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Hi Guys, just some quick stats on my personal blog here… I have about 50 posts (not many I know, but Ive been busy ok!),  around 70,000 unique visitors per month onto my blog, and the homepage ( is a PR4 with well over a million backlinks. This is all very nice, but unfortunately it […]

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The last week or so since the seoMOZ pro seminar in  Seattle have been fantastic to watch to say the least. Ben Hendrickson, whom I had the pleasure of meeting at last years London PRO SEO seminar, presented a talk on his research into LDA, or Latent Dirichlet Allocation to give it its full name, […]

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On September 4th, google’s doodle is a buckyball.  You may be wondering exactly what a buckyball is, I certainly did – its apparantly a molecule that consists purely of carbon atoms. Why is this interesting from an SEO perspective?  Well, its the second time google have employed some pretty nifty html5 on their homepage.  The […]

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It’s here.  Yahoo has now formally announced the death of their adventure in natural search. Many years ago when I embarked on my internet marketing career, yahoo – when they were indeed a hierarchical directory (YAHOO stands for: Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle, it used to be a directory, like DMOZ or BOTW), were a […]