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Im a long time fan of the SEOmoz Q&A Section, its a great resource for pro-members, and our very own SEO Questions and Answers forum was originally devised pretty much as a straight copy of that part of SEOmoz (sorry Rand).  That reminds me, I must get down to rebuilding that section in a more […]

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Hi Folks, Just like to share some exciting news for you, Ive been asked to present in the upcoming “SEO Event of the Year”, the SEOmoz / Distilled SEO Pro Training Seminar in London, this October. My presentation will be centered on Search Engine Optimization in competitive industries, going into detail on a few specific […]

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A quick announcement to make about our forums – we reached our first birthday in the last week!  Thats right, is now officially over a year old – although we didnt move to our domain until the end of September, the forum was officially started on So – how have we done in […]

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You cant make this stuff up, really: hi …. i am a link builder since i have know only little bit of english… client ask to get links from forum if i get the link and give link oly means the client will give money for me .. if not he wont give money then […]

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Hi Members, I spent a few hours last night checking for spam,  and deleted about 500 posts (only from a dozen or so members).  About a month ago I also deleted over 100 users that were quite obviously xrumer spam bots. Afterwards, I checked through a few of the forums, and the rest of the […]

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A lot has been said over the last two months about the MayDay google seo update, but for those of you that dont know what it is, here is a quote from every SEO’s favourite mountaineer engineer, Matt Cutts: So: what does this mean to those of you with eCommerce sites? Well the answer despite […]

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most of my regular forum members will know that I have been pretty scarce round here since mid February, when we started working full time on our pretty revolutionary wordpress price comparison plugin. Im glad to let everyone know that its finally in a release stage, (currently on v1.02) and available to download from my […]

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So – After a three day test I have removed the Adsense units from This is the second time I have run a brief test on the site, the first time was in December ’09 when we were serving a little over 5,000 pageviews per day, and our alexa rank was around 60,000. At […]

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Hi folks, regular users will be surprised to see Adsense boxes on the forum header, and inpost (post 1). This isnt here to stay (at least, not for our regular users) but will be active on the site for about 3/5 days.  It forms part of a test that I am conducting on CPM’s and […]

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Ive been conducting some experiments over the last week on google caffeine, and will publish a full blog post in the next day or two when the results of my experiment are available. For now, here are some interesting screenshots of how quickly you can get stuff indexed these days: 1) 3 Minutes.  Thats quick […]