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This is a Guest Post by aClickAhead, and was not written by MOGmartin. If you are interested in guest posting, send me a message! Do you want to improve you positioning in the search engines? Do you want to get more traffic to your website? Are you looking to increase your sales? What you need […]

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In a few weeks the best search marketing conference this side of the Atlantic (the European side) is taking place, in the heart of London. As its just a 5-10 minute journey from my office, Im going to both days, and the post conference drinks layed on by seoLondon.  During the event I will try […]

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Hi Folks, a housekeeping type post this time, we have added a new section to the forum “adwords” which you can access here: /adwords/ This forum area, as the name would suggest is for any posts relating to google adwords, or indeed any other paid search platforms.  As Adwords makes up about 99% of […]

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Search Engine Optimization is all about getting things “just right” – but establishing what that is, and optimizing your site accordingly is 95% of the battle. SEO Tools are the single most important weapon in any optimizer’s arsenal, but people just dont know about the right ones.  I have therefore compiled a list of the […]

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I was reading a very interesting post over at cre8asite yesterday – where the owner was bemoaning the fact that their forums are just not what they used to be, traffic, posts, registrations, interactions etc. are all down, and she was asking the question whether its really worth carrying on in today’s world of twitter […]

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I have recently launched an Advanced SEO Meta Tags plugin for vBulletin.  This relatively simple plugin allows vBulletin forum owners to use dynamic statistics in their header files (and indeed in many other places on their websites) that were not currently available to them. Why would this be of any relevance for SEO? Well, I […]

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I have recently launched my own Auto Link plugin for vBulletin.  It works by dynamically adding links to words of your choice in any users posts, to the page of your choice. Why would you want to do this?  Well there are three main reasons: 1) Affiliate Links I used to use a similar plugin […]

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I have developed an advanced SEO plugin for vBulletin that increases the long tail traffic to any vBulletin based board automatically. The concept is fairly straightforward: Every website gets long tail search traffic, generally from search phrases that do not exist on page, for instance, if a webpage were about “blue widgets” you might appear […]

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One thing that never ceases to amaze me, is the disparity that some people seem to have between the concepts of SEO and Marketing.  Its time for us collectively as an industry to wake up, smell the coffee and realise that we are all infact, MARKETERS.  True, we may be a sub section, a splinter […]

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Website speed is something that I’ve very much taken to heart recently. Google announced late last year that overall website speed would be a ranking factor this year, so its important that your website measures up, but its not only for organic serps, its also for overall useability of your website, bear in mind that […]