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seo_tools Posted on by in SEO Tools

Its taken about a month longer than I originally anticipated but our SEO Tools section has finally come out of BETA (in as much that I trust them all now to work perfectly for our users). You can access them by clicking on the link in the header of this site, and there should be […]

FAQ Posted on by in Organic SEO

What does SEO stand for? It stands for Search Engine Optimization (unless you are British, then its “optimisation” as we are abel to spel beter. What is SEO? SEO in its purest form is the optimization of your website, so that the search engines prefer it, to the way it was in its pre-optimized format.  […]

aaron-wall Posted on by in SEO Industry

In any small community there are always those that put themselves forward as the spokespeople, or demi-celebrities if you will and SEO is not immune to this behaviour.  There have been well known people since day one, such as Michael Gray, Chris Sherman et al. And these figureheads have been there invariably on merit. In […]

greyhat Posted on by in Organic SEO

so you practice SEO (or at least I guess you do, otherwise what are you doing here? looking a pictures of nice grey hats? maybe…), one of the first things that a lot of SEO’s do is decide on a moral/ethical level how much they want to get traffic, and that tends to define us […]

DSC_0410 Posted on by in SEO Industry

About MOGmartin: This site, is maintained by myself, Martin Macdonald (aka. MOGmartin). I am a search engine and social media marketer based in Central London, and while I have been working full time in this industry for over five years, my career online stems back to the mid nineties. Currently I hold the position […]

Track your Serps - Vital! Posted on by in Organic SEO

As you are reading this post I will work with some basic assumptions: 1) You have/work on a website, and 2) you are interested in search rankings. So – answered yes to both of those huh? Next Question:  What do you use, if anything, to programatically check the search engine ranking positions for your keywords […]

Stop Nofollows Posted on by in Organic SEO

It was a full six months ago now that Google’s Matt Cutts dropped the proverbial bombshell at SMX – that nofollowing pages (internally at least) no longer affected how pagerank flowed around your site.  Incase you missed it, he essentially said that all links on your page to other pages on your website shared an […]

good reading Posted on by in Organic SEO

One of the main skills for every budding SEO, is continual learning and evolution of ones idea’s, skill levels and understandings of ALL things related to the internet, from technology (php/asp/java/flash etc), to server administration (apache/IIS/htaccess/url_rewriting etc), marketing (online and offline), keyword research, tracking and so much more. I read several dozen blogs and websites […]

should I buy Links Posted on by in Linkbuilding

One of the (if not THE) most discussed topics in SEO is getting links, and there are literally hundreds of ways of getting ahold of them, from social bookmarking, blog commenting, link exchanges and so on – but the one thing that google and most other reputable professional search engine optimizers advise against is BUYING […]

social media marketing in 2010 Posted on by in General Chat

I was asked a few days ago by a research company to give my views on whether social media sites, like facebook and twitter are of use to large corporations as traffic sources, or are they just vehicles for public relations and one to one, or one to many communications. Its something that I have […]