Photo’s from the PRO SEO London 2010 Conference

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Hi Folks,

The great peeps over at foliovision have posted some photo’s from the London SEOmoz/Distilled PRO SEO conference, here are a few but you can see the rest over at their site!

(by the way, if you havent seen my presentation on the MayDay update, you can watch it here)

The Audience listening intently to Richard Baxter's Presentation

My presentation on the MayDay Update

A close up of your very own "MOGmartin" (me.)

After the event, discussing all things search (in the pub) with Gary 'the shirt' Buchan.

I will post more photo’s up as soon as I get them, and will link out to everyone in them, as soon as I find out which jacket all the business cards I picked up are actually in.

FOOTNOTE: I found my business cards, yesterday, they were hiding in my wallet.
Upon opening, three moths and a bat flew out, revealing the haul of cards.
(The photo in the pub above is myself and Gary Buchan incase you were wondering.)