SEOchat censor any mention of

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I stumbled across a really interesting thread over at this evening, where members are discussing ways to get ‘their‘ forum to outrank this site for the search term “SEO Forum“.

Nothing majorly surprising there I guess, they were #1 for that search term for over a year, whereas we have been number one for about the last three months.

What is interesting however is it would appear that they are actively censoring any mention of our domain name on their site.  Within the thread itself the only mention of us is by Jim Rudnick (known as JVRudnick all over the place) where he gets our domain wrong, and calls it (, eh? as he would no doubt put on his post).

He also (incorrectly ofcourse) goes on to state that we aren’t in #1 for the term in question, granted we are NOT in Canada where he ply’s his trade, but we are number 1 in the USA, the UK, India and most of the other English speaking countries of the world.  Frankly I’ll take #1 in the US over Canada, so Im not overly bothered.

Anyway, the plot thickens in another thread, where I have found that someone else has mentioned us, and been banned, with the post edited to remove our address entirely.  The only reason I found it, is because someone else quoted the thread before they banned the person in question.

I find this behaviour really interesting, and a tad petulent to be honest.  I have no problems in linking out to other SEO related sites from this forum – doesnt bother me one bit to be honest.  If their mods are living in fear that any links to us may increase our site further ahead of theirs has no place being a MOD on an SEO or Internet Marketing forum of any description.

Another surprise in my digging around was to find that is actually owned Ziff Davis which incase you are unfamiliar, is one of the worlds largest publishers in the computing field, owning the reputable PC MAG which has been around forever.

This petty behaviour seems even stranger in the knowledge that their site is backed by a publishing conglomerate, whereas this site is funded by little old me.