Mind your Serps, Your Traffic will look After Itself

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As you are reading this post I will work with some basic assumptions:

1) You have/work on a website, and
2) you are interested in search rankings.

So – answered yes to both of those huh?

Next Question:  What do you use, if anything, to programatically check the search engine ranking positions for your keywords on a daily/weekly basis?  Well, I beleive that most of us dont use the correct reporting tools for this kind of data, and lets face it, its the single most important metric to us as SEO’s right?

You’d be surprised how many SEO’s I have encountered that dont keep historical data, and I think thats probably the biggest difference between an “enthusiastic amateur” and a full time pro, how dilligently they keep their records.

I personally use an app called webranking pro (server edition) – it isnt a free app, but my god is it worth it.  Now that Ive been running it forever its easy for me to tell exactly where we ranked on any given day for pretty much any keyword that we either care about or drives us traffic.

Track your Serps - Vital!

I cant begin to tell you the amount of times Ive been asked “why dont we rank #1 for this term?” and you can finally back up your answer with nice graphs and decent stats, like “Its improving every week, check this out!”..

So, if you dont track your serps regularly, make sure you start doing so now, there are a load of tools on the market, both paid and free, but in my experience on the subject, you kinda get what you pay for in this world, and buy the best one you can possibly afford. Trust me, its not an investment that you will ever regret!