Think Google Event, November 24th London

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I was lucky enough to attend a fantastic event put on by google this afternoon in London, covering upcoming opportunities and market reviews in the various verticals broadly within Entertainment.

A few notable statistics came about, along with the normal stuff that google normally throw about at such events (most notably, we should all be advertising more on YouTube, got it?).

Anyway – I thought I would just throw up a quick video of Bruce Daisley who was fantastic in both approach and subject matter, unfortunately its only a few minutes long – but there were a few TV camera’s there so I wouldnt be surprised if the whole thing is posted somewhere, soon (and when it is I will link to it from here).

You can see the rest of the presentation here:

Hope you enjoy it!

Unfortunately I had to pass on the post event drinks and nibbles (and games, I’m led to believe by my googler friend @bobmeijer) – but I’m sure the party is just getting started, as Im sat here writing this!