Useless Post Spam – Crackdown.

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Hi folks,

Since we had our last big spam crackdown in October last year most of you have been responsible forum members, and there’s been a lot of good discussion going on here, something that Im very proud of.

The whole point in this forum is to foster conversation about SEO and online marketing at every level, from the ABC beginner stuff right through to the more advanced topics.

Recently however, a new breed of spammer has appeared – if you’ve spent any amount of time recently around the forums you will have seen threads like “what is google sandbox”, or “what is serp” or other such posts.  The accounts posting these seem to just cookie cutter pick on say 20 SEO terms, post the fist one then disappear.  Or occasionally pop back up with something like “thanks for the info”.

In short, these threads are essentially meeting the minimum level to not just be considered blatant spam.

Well, from now on things are going to be much stricter – because this kind of stuff buries the “real” conversations going on here, which makes for a much worse user experience.

SO: A warning – if you are randomly posting rubbish, the following will happen to you depending on a few factors, including my mood at that particular point in time:

1) thread closed and infraction given.

2) thread deleted and infraction given.

3) your account is banned, and ALL your past posts deleted.


I find it quite sad that someone needs to sit and go through all this, so please dont waste your time and my time folks.