SEO Auto Linker for vBulletin (autolink plugin)

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I have recently launched my own Auto Link plugin for vBulletin.  It works by dynamically adding links to words of your choice in any users posts, to the page of your choice.

Why would you want to do this?  Well there are three main reasons:

1) Affiliate Links

I used to use a similar plugin (the Geek Autolinker, or GAL for short, but it was vb3.x only, and doesnt seem to be in development, and it wasnt SEO friendly either) for affiliate links on a poker forum that I used to run.  Whenever anybody posted a word like “pokerstars” or “888″ or whatever other poker room name, the plugin would automatically change those words into affiliate links (my ones ofcourse!) that displayed to the forum users.

Then when people clicked through those links I got paid if they made a deposit.  On a good month the plugin was earning me upwards of $5,000, so its safe to say that I absolutely loved it.

I no longer have a poker forum (I sold it, and bought a house with the proceeds, mainly thanks to the vb autolink plugin!) but I wanted something similar again for this forum so I decided to build my own one from scratch.

No matter what niche your board covers, there is probably an affiliate programme that you could use to earn some extra revenue from using this plugin.

2) Internal Link Strength

Lets say you have 10 thousand posts in your forum, and your niche is lets say, “Fishing”…

well, you are going to have a heck of a lot of repetitions of certain words, maybe things like “bait” or “fishing rod”, you know the kind, fairly common words in your niche, and if you could rank #1 in google for that term, then you could make some serious money through either selling your own items, or advertising, or whatever.

Well, as this plugin is SEO friendly, (ie, the links it creates are CLEAN LINKS, not JavaScript ones) you can link every repetition of a word on your website to a CMS page, or a wordpress page, or even a specific post that already ranks half well for that search term.

The result of this is that google will beleive that your specific page is particularly important, and your rankings will increase for that term!

3) Selling Links (tread carefully!)

Now, before I start on this one, Im not in any way saying you should do this, Im just purely saying that you could do this, with this autolink plugin for vBulletin.

Lets say again that you have a forum relating to fishing, well you could sell those important words that we covered in point 2, to an existing ecommerce site that is focussed on your niche.  If they know what they are doing with SEO they would probably buy them off you, and in certain industries pay quite a bit of money for all that link strength.

Now let me point out, selling links IS AGAINST google’s guidelines, so tread carefully, but this could actually be a rather large revenue source ;)

The GOLD Version (Brand Free)

the gold version of this plugin is now available from our seo plugins shop.