Advanced META Tags for vBulletin (plugin)

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I have recently launched an Advanced SEO Meta Tags plugin for vBulletin.  This relatively simple plugin allows vBulletin forum owners to use dynamic statistics in their header files (and indeed in many other places on their websites) that were not currently available to them.

Dynamic Data in our Meta Tags - a great success!

Why would this be of any relevance for SEO?

Well, I have had this MOD installed right here on since December last year.  When I first installed it Google used to spider the homepage once every couple of days, however – as soon as google’s spiders realised that there was dynamic information in the META Description tags, that were updated frequently, it started coming back much, much more regularly.

At the moment my homepage is being spidered at least 12-18 times a day, so the stats that you see in google for a search for our site is nearly live.

If you refer to the screenshot of this result for the search term “seo forum” you will see that both sites in #1 and #2 take advantage of this method.  We are currently in #2 but we have been around for about five years less than, and are already in second place so Im happy with that for the time being!

Apart from the obvious SEO benefit of having the spiders taking up near residence on your site, I also think it looks pretty cool!