Finally, PubSubHubBub on vBulletin

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Hi Folks,

Today see’s the release of my new vBulletin plugin, the first PubSubHubBub Client for the popular vBulletin forum platform.

You might be wondering what exactly PubSubHubBub (sometimes shortened to just PuSH) is…

Right now its a pretty hot topic in the SEO world, and I am featuring the technology in my upcoming speach at the SEOmoz SEO PRO Seminar in London in a few weeks time.  Rather than go into details here, this video helpfully provided by google will do the talking:

So, now you’ve watched the video, I guess you want to know why its good for you and your site, right?

Well, from a strictly search standpoint one huge win is rapid instant discovery of new content.

At the moment a few different google properties use PubSubHubBub as a discovery source (similar to pinging them when a new sitemap is available for instance), so in theory whenever someone posts a new thread, the search engines are instantly notified of its existance and the content is pushed into the cloud, rather than the search engine arbitrarily spidering your site in the hope for new content.

Q: How does the vBulletin plugin work then in practice?
A: Simple: you just import the xml file, and thats it.  No further customisation is required.  Whenever a new thread is created, the contents, title and URL are PuSH’d into the PubSubHubBub network for automatic indexation by the search engines.

Q: What other benefits does this give me?
A: Once the plugin is installed, your site will also be able to feed realtime live data into people’s inboxes, whether that be your own for moderation purposes, or your users can use it to keep in touch with the latest posts.  Anybody can sign up to your sites realtime feed by using your main site’s URL.

Please Download the Plugin HERE.

It is currently compatible with any vBulletin from 4.0 upwards.
If you are running 3.x please give it a shot and see if it works, I dont have any legacy installations left to test it.

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