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seoforums VIP member VIP Section Finally Open!

Im happy to announce that as of today, our official VIP memberships are active.  There are a few levels of membership, each with their own benefits, and you can access each level just by posting here on the forum and being an active member!

You can also subscribe to our highest VIP level if you want access to all the features, but don’t want to or don’t have time to make all the posts required.

The new VIP Levels are:

100+ Post Club
once you have over 100 posts you automatically get access to this forum area.
Its private, ie. ‘normal’ members can not see it and do not have access to it.
Any conversations carried out in this area are also hidden from the search engines so google and bing don’t see them.
This forum area is therefore for private discussions with other senior members about anything to do with SEO, that you would rather not have discussed in public!

500+ Post Club
Similar to our 100+ Post club, this is a private forum area hidden from other members of and the search engines.
As you need 500+ posts to take part in this area only the top SEO’s on the forum will be able to take part in the discussions, so you can be sure that the discussion will be high level only.

VIP Member (2,000+ Posts)
The VIP area is our top level of membership, and in addition to the above benefits of being a private forum area for top members only, and of course hidden also from the search engines, there are a number of other benefits.

  1. Access to ALL our PRO SEO plugins for wordpress and vBulletin (a £105 Value)
  2. One to One SEO advice from me, in a private environment (£Priceless ;) )
  3. Access to some pretty special (and a bit, well blackhat) SEO tools for mass linkbuilding (worth £100′s per month)
  4. Access to a powerful bookmarking/linkwheel application (again, worth £100′s per month)
  5. Special discounts on paid SEO tools from other providers (coming soon).

You can become a VIP member in two ways, either by completing 2,000 posts, or by paid subscription in our shop.

CLICK HERE to Subscribe to the VIP Membership.

There is a one off first month cost of £75 and a subsequent monthly cost of just £25.

That’s pretty good value when you consider that access to the tools each month can cost up to 10x that amount from other sites, and the plugins alone are worth over £100!

Please note that if you do subscribe to our VIP membership, you do NOT need the 2,000 posts.